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Saturday, January 16 2016

From Cleopatra, Helen of Troy and the Queen of Sheba, beauty has been what to live and die for. It changed history and the face of the world. Many think that money makes the world go round, but it's, actually, about what one can do and have with the money. And what everyone wants is a beautiful life. Now, the perfect image of a beautiful life differs a lot from a person to another. However, at the foundation at this eternal desire for beauty, lie the same values: love, respect, stability, sanity, respect, vitality, entertainment, adventure, lust, honesty, loyalty, and most of all, confidence. Because without confidence, no matter the amount of makeup, the foundation crumbles. So, be confident that there is always someone who thinks that you are the one to bring beauty into his or her life, with or without lipstick. But, hey, you can always go the extra mile and wear some... Click here: | 2016 @ Floriana Fabian

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